Thursday, December 4, 2008


I know this is late but it has been pretty crazy week. This year our thanksgiving was a little more relaxed then last year. last year was mine and kamerons first thanksgiving married and we thought it would not be a big deal to do thanksgiving with both familys. By the time we got home that night we were so tired, so we decided to switch off between familys. This year was my moms year. so the day started out with Kameron going to play the turkey bowel with my brothers.So when he left i got up and got ready and headed to my moms to help get dinner ready but of course she had it all ready when i got there. So when the boys were all done playing football and got showered we met up and had our feast, it was so nice to just hang out and spend time with the family, that evening we did end up going to kamerons grandmas for pie which was really nice to visit with them as well. Once the night was over we just went home and went to bed and slept in the next day cause i am not the crazy one to go out on BLACK FRIDAY!!! i don't think you could pay me enough. And now i am excited for Christmas i have all my decorations up and my stockings hung and cant wait. Hope everyone has a great holiday season.

Monday, November 10, 2008

2nd Annual Girls Weekend

This past weekend was the Jackman "Girls Weekend" It was way fun every year we go with all my aunts on my dads side to Park City for the weekend we stay at my grandmas condo and then we go to the outlets and go Christmas shopping. This year there was not a whole lot that we bought i guess i was not in the mood to go shopping HA HA. I love spending time with my aunts they are so fun i don't see the ones that live up north so it is always good to just sit around and visit with them with out the kids.

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Yep thats right we did it. last weekend we moved back home with kamerons parents. For the last month we have been looking for a house but have not found the perfect one yet, so rather then throwing our money away on rent untill we find someting we decided to move in with the parentals and save lots and lots of money. Kamerons parents are awesome and we couldn't be more greatful to have them let us stay with them. They have been empty nesters for about six months now so i hope it is going to be a easy adjustment for them. I am excited to not have to go home to an empy house every night untill kam gets off, Karla is home and so i will have a friend ha ha. we are only planning to stay for about 6 months and then have our own place and trust me we will be there for a while. WE HATE MOVING!!!!!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

GO UTES!!!!!!!!


This is a old picture but it turned out so good it is defintently college football season. Every Saturday we plan our day around what time the game starts. ha ha i am sitting at my computer listening to the game in the background, well actually i am listening to kameron yell at the tv he thinks they can hear him or something ha ha only three more games left it is going to be a sad day at the shepherds. We have season tickets this year with Natilie and Bryce Bennion and his family. We look to Bryce when the games are not going like we want because he is Red shirting this year for the great team and he trys to tell us what they will do next. Cant wait unitl next year when he is on the field and we are cheering him on. Right Natalie? :)

Tyrells Wedding 10/10/2008

So Friday Kams Cousin Tyrell married the love of his life Sammy. The day started off with a drive to Timpanogas Temple for the sealing,it was so great they are so happy together. Kam had to take his Tux with him because he was the best man and they took all there pictures at the temple but he could not change at the temple because he was not the groom so we had to run across the parking lot and change at the distribution center and get back in time for pictures. we made it just in time to see them come out. After the pictures were done we just wasted a couple hours before the reception started since the reception was at the base of American Fork Canyon at a place called Imperial Weddings it was very pretty her colors were black white red with a lot of ZEBRA !!! it turned out very nice, here are some pics from the days events.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


So not a whole lot to blog about. Our life is pretty much boring.... Kam seems to never slow down with work if he is not at BFS he is at Gene Fullmer and then he comes home to sleep. This last weekend he was on a boys retreat for his cousin Tyrells Batchlor Party if thats what you want to call it ha ha (can you call it that if there is no stripper involved?) So i was very excited to stay at my moms and have a girls weekend with my mom and sister in law, but wait who had to get sick with a head cold AHHHH i hate being sick. and of course i cant get sick when the rest of the office is sick and taking time off, it hits me a week later, not only do i have a smokers cough i sound like a man. i am confusing my patients when i answer the phone and say this is ally what can i do for you and they think you are the DOCTOR. So other then being sick and sounding like a man every thing is good my next post will be of the wonderful wedding we are going to this friday for kamerons cousin Tyrell he is finally tying the knot YEAH and kam is his best man so i will post hot sexy pics of my hubby in his tux.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008